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Breach & Attack Simulation Services

Red team security testing provides an effective validation approach against your companies’ security posture and appetite. It keeps organizations prepared against cyber-attacks and other incidents. However, this way of security testing is labour intensive and not fit for automation. Additionally, red teaming until now has been available to a limited number of enterprises with a certain maturity level and sufficient cyber security budgets to have enough skilled testers to perform the red teaming activities.

To make red team services accessible to a larger number of organizations, Traxion has set up a Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS) service. An automated, cloud-based and easy to execute red team service complemented with a blue team service to give real-time insight in the gaps of an organizations’ security posture. Meaning, with BAS you get easy secure access and use of dashboards that will give you the necessary insight in the security risks that affects your business, prioritize them and how to mitigate.

The Breach & Attack Simulation service is an easy to deploy and use Cloud based platform to execute thousands of cyber threat scenarios fully automated. The Traxion BAS service offering utilizes Picus ECHO. The largest real threat samples library in our industry.

Red Team Platform (RTP)

Utilising Picus ECHO threats library, RTP can validate the readiness level of security operations and controls against a multitude of real cyber threat scenarios. The RTP security controls include the following but is not limited to:

  • Endpoint security systems
  • Next-Generations Firewalls (NGFW)
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)
  • Web Application Firewalls (WAF)
  • Email Gateways
  • Web Gateways
  • CASB platforms
  • Data Loss Preventions Systems

Blue Team Platform (BTP)

Picus BTP has been designed to complement the Picus Red Team Platform.  The Blue Team platform enables customers to mitigate the security gaps identified by RTP so they can be addressed in the form of prevention, detection and response enhancements.

Picus BTP can provide vendor-specific mitigation guidance. Moreover, Picus Labs enhance each threat scenario with generic mitigation insights. Using this rich and unique context, Traxion BAS services can assist you in fixing security gaps promptly, improving processes, increasing technology utilisation and minimising the risk of getting breached.

Traxion Breach and Simulation services

Some key values:

  • This service is non-intrusive. Your business keeps on running.
  • BAS identifies your weak and strong security measures in real-time and mitigate findings in minutes.
  • Maximize your security investments and lower your operation IT security spending’s.
  • It is not labor intensive. Traxion provide a high-value service remotely with a minimal operational cost on a subscription base
  • The BAS service can be integrated to your SOC and/or SIEM system.

Do not think you are secure, make sure you are secure!

Traxion Breach & Attack Simulation services

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