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  1. Racing team Traxion

    At Traxion, we are not only good in information security, we’re also good at Team Work in our weekends!
    It’s Movember and as such the focus for this month is raising awareness of men’s health issues. We will raise awareness for (prostate) cancer through a fundraising campaign for the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF).

    A Traxion team of virtual racing enthousiasts, Matthijs, Bram Boris, Zehna and Joris, will participate in a virtual 12-hour endurance race hosted by 046 Racing on the Belgian Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. We are joining as team TRX Racing in the BMW M4 GT3. A winning combination!


    TRX racing team

    When will we be racing? We will race this Saturday, November 20th 2021. The day will start with a practice and qualifying session at 10 AM. It’s lights out and away we go at 11 AM and we will cross the finish line at 23 PM. And yes you can watch! There will be a broadcast of the entire session with commentary on 046 Racing YouTube Channel. From a drivers perspective we’ll be broadcasting on the TRX Racing Twitch Channel.

    Our goal is to raise as much money as possible for KWF by means of this online race. If you want to help our team, you can support our goal directly on the following link: KWF (Race against cancer) Your help is very much appreciated!

  2. 15 February Security Leadership conference

    In February 2022, Traxion will participate as a partner in Heliview’s Security Leadership conference. The event shows the latest developments in the field of IT security and helps you to get your security strategy in order and to sharpen it!

    The conference theme ‘Leading through organizational intelligence’ offers opportunities for interesting break-out sessions and presentations, where Traxion will also present one of the break-out sessions.

    A Traxion team will be happy to answer all your questions in the field of security at the conference. Will we see you too? You can register for a ticket here.

  3. September 2022 IDM Europe conference

    In September 2022, Traxion will be one of the sponsors of the IDM event, organised by WhitehallMedia. More information will follow once the theme and date of the conference have been set.

  4. Traxion joins forces with Swiss IT Security Group

    Waardenburg, March 9th 2021 – Swiss IT Security Group (SITS Group) and Traxion Netherlands and Traxion Belgium (Traxion): the largest independent security service provider of Identity Driven Security in the Benelux, are delighted to announce that we have reached and signed an agreement for a strategic partnership. With this partnership SITS Group makes the first step in the Benelux market and expands its managed security services with the Identity Centric Security Services of Traxion. We see this as an important step for both companies.

    Strategic partnership SITS Group and Traxion


    Traxion was founded in 2000 and has since then developed into the leading provider of Identity Centric Security Services in the Netherlands and Belgium. Over 130 highly qualified professionals have a high level of technical know-how as well as an eye for future developments, which is reflected in the high quality of the services, the relevant references from prestigious blue-chip customers and the successful development of the company.

    “By combining our companies, our managed security services and highly qualified professionals within the SITS Group, we will be able to extend our services to our customers and realize our ambitions to help and make our customers more resilient.”, says Evert van den Branden – CEO of Traxion.

    „We are very pleased that Traxion is the first member outside the German, Swiss and Austria region to join the SITS Group. We are convinced that we can expand and complement the Group with Traxion strengths, especially on strategic and technical consulting. With the three founders Evert, John and Erik, we are gaining great entrepreneurs who will contribute strongly to the group and will drive and extend our buy-and-build strategy in the Benelux ” adds Philipp Stebler, CEO of Swiss IT Security Group AG.

    SITS Group, including Traxion, is in further talks with companies in Europe in order to actively promote the group’s expansion to become the leading European IT Security Group in the future. The current group employs over 600 highly qualified professionals.

  5. 6 October 2021 Security Congress

    Security Congress, Platform for Information Security, October 6!
    Protecting all your business information from potential attacks is becoming an increasingly impossible task. Show your colors, make choices: the necessity of having a security strategy is growing. Traxion’s Peter Rietveld will tell you more about the how and why at this conference in the session “Security Strategy; it’s all about access!”.

    Questions about your security strategy? Traxion is happy to help you.

  6. 29 September Roundtable Digital Transformation

    On September 29, Traxion will host the Roundtable on Digital Transformation together with partner Okta as a knowledge partner. In this Roundtable, organized by Flevum, Ad de Goeij, Global Director IT Strategy & Planning at FrieslandCampina, will show how FrieslandCampina seeks a balance between realizing value from digital transformation and guaranteeing a reliable technological backbone. He also takes you through the steps taken to set up an IT organization that provides maximum support for the company in realizing these digital ambitions.

  7. 28 September 2021 Identity Management conference

    On 28 September Traxion will be partner in the virtual Identity Management conference. Actual subjects of the day are:

    • The Future of Digital Identity
    • How to successfully manage IAM migration
    • How to support a remote workforce at scale
    • Moving from spreadsheets to AI: an entitlement management journey
    • How to securely manage identities at scale in the cloud
    • Addressing all PAM use cases
    • Why Security Awareness Training for Developers matters

    Traxion is online! Happy to anwer all your questions during the day about identity management. If you want to attend this event, you can register here. We hope to meet you at this event full of sessions and networking possibilities.

  8. 25 March Roundtable Digital Risk Protection

    Knowledge about digital transformation and wine, a great combination!

    Join Traxion and partner Digital Shadows for a short presentation followed by a guided wine tasting on 25 March!
    The move towards digital transformation, combined with the dramatic increase in remote work, has created new challenges for European businesses.This presentation will outline how we can help to mitigate these new risks. Attendees will

    • Understand the top trends to have emerged in 2020 and in 2021
    • See how different European countries compare
    • Takeaway free tools to protect against new digital risks

    Interested? Please register for the event now, online seats are limited. The session will be presented in English.


  9. 2020 Identity & Access Conference

    Will we meet you at the virtual Identity  & Access Management congress? This year’s theme is “The development of IAM”. The newest and most relevant topics in the field of information security and the management of digital identities are discussed, so that you can include this in the discussions about the design of your IAM strategy. We challenge you to position IAM as an essential part of digitization and thus engage in a conversation with your environment so that you are no longer perceived as a hindrance but as a pivot.

    Team Traxion is more than happy to meet you online at this conference. What are your specific questions in the IAM field? Traxion is your Partner in Information Security, ready to think in terms of solutions.

    Not registered yet? You can register here.

  10. 12 February IT & Information Security conference

    The annual IT & Information Security conference promises to be great again this year. The conference theme about CISO Leadership asks you to look critically at the CISO role within your organization. How do you give substance to the broad role of the CISO?

    Organizations must have sufficient knowledge, capacity and organizational structure to cope with the wide range of challenges. Do you have enough in-house expertise or do you want to hire expertise? Traxion has created the CISO as a Service formula: a CISO that can be deployed immediately and has the right knowledge and skills of proven methods and standards. This CISO makes information security transparent, understandable – also for non-specialists – and therefore controllable. This person has access to specialist knowledge through Traxion’s broad portfolio.

    Want to know more? Traxion is happy to get in touch with you at this conference about more than your CISO-related issues. Traxion is a Partner in Information Security with a broad portfolio of information security. With strategic, tactical and operational vision we guide our customers towards robust security and/or identity & access management solutions.Want to know more? Contact us.

    Not yet registered? You can register for this congress here.

  11. 4 February 2020 Roundtable Cloud Security

    Repack the control over your Cloud Security! The switch to the Cloud is inevitable for many organizations. Cloud Security is an indispensable factor that needs to be taken into account. How do you deal with the constantly evolving threats and which security best suits your infrastructure?

    The benefits of the digital transformation and the use of Cloud are clear; organizations can now innovate faster, launch apps and services faster and at a fraction of the cost. However, there is less attention for safety aspects. Also with regard to the journey that your data is going through. Unfortunately IT, business and security do not always match on this point.
    There are many different security aspects that can directly affect your Cloud environment. But how do you guarantee data protection? How do you ensure smooth business continuity and data recovery within the various Cloud environments?

    Traxion is a knowledge partner in the Roundtable on Cloud Security on 4 February. Many challenges that play a role in Cloud environments are discussed.
    This Roundtable is already fully booked with interested parties. Would you also like to actively participate in one of our Roundtables? Let us know.

  12. Digital Identity Summit 19 November 2019

    Interested in joining the Digital Identity & Trust Summit 2019? 19 November, Brussels, the place to be!

    As our society is becoming more and more digital, the need for robust online identity systems has never been greater. Yes, many opportunities, but also many risks!
    A digital identity strategy must be the cornerstone for every organisation, from the point of view of business, compliance and architecture. The goal of the Summit is to bring you up to speed, in just one day, with key relevant topics. The Summit will provide you with inspiration and knowledge. It allows you to meet with specialists and to discuss possibilities, challenges and benefits of Digital Identity strategies and solutions. Enough reasons to be there!

    Traxion is Partner is Information Security and will participate in the event. We would like to share our thoughts and solutions with you. Meet us there!  Not to be missed: a break-out session about Access Control in the invisible world of API’s, presented by Traxion’s API specialist Robin Gaal.

    Want to know more about digital identities? Contact Traxion.

  13. Cyber security conference Belgium 12 June 2019

    Traxion participated in the Cyber Security conference Belgium 2019  This year’s conference was looking into the latest evolutions with regard to cyber security, the upcoming of the Internet of Threats and how to protect your valuable data and other key assets in that context. Interaction and learning from experiences of others was key. 


  14. Break-out session ‘Hackers take the standard approach – Yeah right’

    Did you sign up for the Cyber Security Summit Belgium on 12 June? We hope you did attend the break-out session’Hackers take the standard approach – Yeah right!’
    In this break-out session, hosted by Traxion/Johan van Middelkoop, you could learn how to organize your risk management process. You could of course take the standard approach ISO31000 learns us: first look at your risks and then take measures to protect against hackers.  Unfortunately, hackers do not tend to follow the standard approach. Be resilient to the réal incidents, not those we can predict.


  15. 11 April 2019 Risk event Isaca

    On Thursday 11 April 2019 the IT Risk conference organized by ISACA, NOREA, PvIB, IIA, ISC2, SSA & KNVI took place in Amsterdam. Participants could choose from 3 mainstreams: ‘Corporate Risks’, ‘IT Risks’ & ‘Digital Transformation Risks’. A fourth stream was for foreign speakers.

    It was a very interesting day for both Traxion as the many participants of the conference.

    Traxion people at conference



  16. 25th October Belgian Cyber Security Convention

    The Belgian Cyber Security Convention stimulates businesses to invest in their data protection by bringing the whole field of IT-specialists together for a one-day event of networking and education. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get connected and stay updated on the latest evolutions in information technology. It will take place in Lamot Congres Centre in Mechelen, Belgium.
    Learn and get an update about the challenges and techniques in cyber security in the four different conference tracks: governance, technology, platforms and GDPR.

    Traxion Security will be represented at this convention, we are glad to share our knowledge, skills, action plans, scans and services. We are looking forward to meet you!


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