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Business Services

Traxion supports organizations on a strategic and tactical level who wonder whether and how identity and/or access management is a solution for their problems and challenges. We advise and provide guidance on vision development, decision making and usage of identity management solutions and offer some practical tools:

  • IAM Blueprint: Provides insight into the need for identity management and provides handles for decision makers, before and during implementation.
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  • IAM Business Case: Provides insight into the costs and benefits of an identity management solution, including risks, assumptions and alternatives.
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  • IAM Roadmap: Indicates when which implementation steps must be performed and what conditions must be fulfilled.
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  • IAM Audit: Provides independent feedback on the quality of an identity management solution.
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  • Data Quality Assurance: Improves the data quality by analysis and cleanup resulting in optimized processes.
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  • RBAC Role Mining: Supports organizations implementing role based access control in identifying and capturing the different roles.
  • Inrichting IAM beheer: The embedding of an IAM solution in an existing management organization requires the right approach and resources. Indeed, a new solution which often changes organization, processes and technology requires a careful implementation in each organization. Support of an experienced partner helps to deliver those solutions in the operational organization. Using standard methodologies combined with a pragmatic, logical approach Traxion ensures a smooth integration of your IAM solution into your existing operational environment.
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