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4 February 2020 Roundtable Cloud Security

Repack the control over your Cloud Security! The switch to the Cloud is inevitable for many organizations. Cloud Security is an indispensable factor that needs to be taken into account. How do you deal with the constantly evolving threats and which security best suits your infrastructure?

The benefits of the digital transformation and the use of Cloud are clear; organizations can now innovate faster, launch apps and services faster and at a fraction of the cost. However, there is less attention for safety aspects. Also with regard to the journey that your data is going through. Unfortunately IT, business and security do not always match on this point.
There are many different security aspects that can directly affect your Cloud environment. But how do you guarantee data protection? How do you ensure smooth business continuity and data recovery within the various Cloud environments?

Traxion is a knowledge partner in the Roundtable on Cloud Security on 4 February. Many challenges that play a role in Cloud environments are discussed.
This Roundtable is already fully booked with interested parties. Would you also like to actively participate in one of our Roundtables? Let us know.

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