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Password Self-Service module

The Password Self-Service (PSS) module is a secure, web-based service which allows an end-user to self-manage passwords (change and reset) for their domain accounts.

By using the password self-service, your users need to confirm their identity by authenticating against one or multiple secondary authentication technique next to the default password authentication.

Next to that, users no longer need to contact your helpdesk for password requests, which can significantly reduce helpdesk calls related to password requests up to 75%.

Supported web server platforms:

  • Microsoft
    • IIS (on premise WS 2012+ or via Azure services)


  • Web-portal for end-users to change or reset their password for an Enterprise Active Directory account
  • End-users outside the network can manage their password directly from the PSS-module without the need to log-in (via VPS or Citrix) first
  • Ability to unlock an account after the execution of a password reset process
  • Inherits the domain password policies of your organization ( including history requirements)
  • Service lock-out (configure lock-out duration and maximum allowed attempts to change/reset a password)
  • Integration support with systems like AD FS (including MFA-plugin), Citrix NetScaler, Citrix XenApp login screens and others
  • Support for multi-factor and step-up authentication
    • One-Time password (via SMS or Email-configure message template)
    • Time-Based One-Time password (Azure MFA app, Google Authenticator app..)
    • Other integration possible (request quote)
  • Ability to deploy the PSS front-end separately from the back-end
  • Conditional authentication policy support based on network location
  • Front-end and Back-end of the module authenticates via client certificates
  • Horizontal or Vertical scaling support (front-end and back-end)


  • Reduce helpdesk calls related to password reset requests up to 75%
  • Enhance self-service capabilities for end-users

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