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Identity & Access Services

Traxion supervises, implements and manages integrally-designed security, identity & access-oriented solutions. The enormous advantage of integrated designs and implementation is that both the business and IT are always involved.

The projects that Traxion carries out are always built on the cornerstones: organisation, processes, information, compliance, technology.

An inventory of the current state of the client’s business is always carried out for each of these cornerstones. The requirements and desires are covered. And, how feasible an implementation is at what moment.

Traxion’s portfolio consists of five competences:

  • Information Protection
  • Situational Awareness
  • Identity & Access
  • Access Control Services
  • Security Products

The combined Traxion portfolios are the building blocks that an organisation uses to manage and maintain control of its information. More information about our portfolio and work methodology can be found on our website. Feel free to contact us.