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Access Control Services

Access Control offers the capability to regulate access to spaces, systems, processes, and information. Access is granted on the basis of an authorization model or a combination of authorization models.

Traxion Security Solutions – Access Control Services provides additional information about te following services:

  • Attribute Based Access Control

Attribute based access control (ABAC) is a logical access control method based on attributes associated with the applicant, information, transaction and context of the request.

  • Public Key Infrastructure – Key Management Systems

Part of an EKMS can be the setup of a strong internal PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and the automation of certificate provisioning. This is because weak keys and key management determine the strength of security mechanisms that are using this.

  • Risk-based authentication

With risk-based authentication characteristics are identified and weighed that determine the minimum required means of authentication before a user with such characteristics receives access to the desired information.

  • Single Sign-On

The principle of Single Sign-On (SSO) is an instant authentication for a host of systems. A user needs to log on once, subsequently its credentials are automatically presented to applications that request it.

  • Web Access Management

Web Access Management is an architecture concept and technology stack allowing applications to request authentication and authorisation outside the application.