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Access as a Service

When organisations increasingly use cloud applications that may or may not have been purchased by the ‘business’, there is a growing need for a simple way to manage users and their rights. Most traditional IAM environments are not built adequately to support applications outside the enterprise firewall. Furthermore, there are only a few current cloud and SaaS suppliers who support standard IAM interfaces.

Traxion Access as a Service is a professional Access Management solution that is provided ‘as a service’. This service provides your users with secure access anytime, anywhere, on any device, to applications and corporate information.


  • Guaranteed availability, performance and functionality
  • Optimal alignment with the ‘business demand’
  • Flexible conditions, low initial investment and predictable costs: pay per use, pay per usage
  • Support for both cloud and on-site applications
  • Quick to implement, short ‘on-board’ time
  • No need to accrue and maintain specialist knowledge within your organisation

Focus on functional requirements

Traxion Access as a Service shifts your focus from the technology to the functional requirements of your organisation and maintaining direction. Your business and business processes are the starting point. Traxion takes responsibility for delivering the necessary functionality, with crystal-clear guarantees about availability, performance and continuity.

Service characteristics

  • Configuration of user database, user rights and user portal as a starting point.
  • Configuration of business rules
  • Workflows for automating administrative tasks
  • Support for both internal and cloud applications, and hybrid environments
  • Focused support for mobile devices and associated authentication
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Strong authentication (optional): multi-factor authentication with hard or soft tokens

Access as a Service for your organization?

Traxion Access as a Service is an IAM solution that provides secure access to both cloud and on-site applications, and which can be implemented quickly and easily without a large initial investment.

If you want more information about Traxion Access as a Service, feel free to contact us.