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Web Access Management

Web Access Management is an architecture concept and technology stack allowing applications to request authentication and authorisation outside the application. The use of Web Access Management makes single sign-on (SSO) possible and is a stepping stone from SSO to SaaS and mobile application architectures.


Web Access Management always consists of the following components:

  • Policy Enforcement Point (PEP)
  • Policy Decision Point (PDP)
  • Policy Information Point (PIP)
  • Policy Administration Point (PAP)

Authentication and Authorization

All these components together enable applications to request authentication and authorisation. The PEP is located in the core of the application layer where such requests occur. The PDP, PIP and PAP together form the WAM infrastructure and can often be included and implemented as a solution.

central environment

Although Web Access Management is always present in applications, there are application environments where compliance, user convenience and/or development standards require central Web Access Management. This makes it possible to create authentication and authorisation services and federated architectures.

Web Access Management for your organization?

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