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Identity & Access

The more complex the IT becomes in an organization, the more necessary a good security becomes. Identity & Access management is the solution for the most important security issues. With Identity & Access Management, you get control of the growing number of users of your IT systems. Also the Access control of users will be implemented consistently and according to your own guidelines.

Traxion Security Solutions – Identity & Access offers the following services:

  • Identity and Access Governance

Identity & Access Governance (IAG) solution gives an organisation control over who has access to data and to which data.

  • Identity and Access Management

Traxion can help you by implementing a simple and flexible solution that satisfies the IAM requirements of your organisation and your customers.

  • Priviliged Account Management

Privileged Account Management manages special accounts. For example, you can think of an administrator account.

  • RBAC: Role Mining and Role Management

Role Based Access Control provides access based on assigned rights. Associating particular rights to particular roles makes it possible to see what access people within the organisation have and why they have it.

  • Identity Analystics

If you want to attain the maximum possible from your IAM system, then you are completely dependent on this information and the processes.

  • Enterprise Key Management

Enterprise Key Management thus provides insight into the use and abuses around certificates. Traxion design, develops, implements and manages enterprise key management systems in conjunction with the corresponding public key infrastructure for its customers.