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Information Protection

Traxion Security Solutions – Information protection provides additional information on the following topics:

  • Information Protection and Control

Information Protection and Control is the essence of many security projects. Due to the frequent use of new technologies, such as cloud technology, security at data level, in addition to the necessary security measures, is the distinguishing factor.

  • Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management distinguishes itself by regulating and securing access tot the data within the document itself.  Digital Rights Management is the only way to secure digital documents independently of the data store.

  • Data Leak Management

Data Leak Management makes it possible for documents within the network, central data store and on workstation whitin the organisation to be controlled or classified, and to use rules to block documents or issue warnings to users.

  • Mobile Security

Traxion provides the Secure Enterprise Mobility service that works with you to draw up the required vision and strategy providing an answer as to how your corporate information can be safeguarded in a secure and controlled manner.

  • Database Security

Through our Database Security Service, Traxion works with you to draw up your risk analysis, vision and strategy and in so doing addresses how you can secure your corporate information within databases in a controlled manner.