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Data Leak Management

Information is an essential production tool in every organisation. Safeguarding the continuity of an organisation requires particular care with respect to all the information present within an organisation. There is a current tendency for information to be lost through a number of routes because of a lack of awareness of the consequences of actions, and through deliberate attempts by third parties.

Data Leak Prevention (DLP) technology helps an organisation to retain their confidential corporate information within the boundaries of the company, and to limit information loss due to deliberate or heedless actions. DLP technology lets you control your information and documents, characterising it by particular content (e.g. a personal identification number) and then enforcing particular policies.

DLP for your organization?

DLP eventually becomes an organisation-wide technology embedded in the existing resources and security measures, from network switch all the way through to the firewall. It is an extremely powerful resource which when integrated with federated IRM for instance, may lead to a high security level in complex chain organisations. DLP is not a simple package that can be dropped into place. But if it is deployed correctly in the entirety of the security technology, then it becomes indispensable.

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