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A new book release: “On Security Strategy, #itsallaboutaccess” by Peter Rietveld.

Some background: In 2012 Peter Rietveld published the book ”The Future of Access”. In this book, he predicted the cyber security topics that would define the decade and beyond. Ambitious, yes indeed! Predicting the future is notoriously hard, and generally not mentioned afterwards, for obvious reasons.
But without predictions, expectations, and assumptions for the future, you cannot shape the plans you make and the goals you set. They drive your priorities and define your results.

On Security Strategy

Making a business case for any security project always involves assumptions about what will or is likely to happen. You must at least understand the assumptions underpinning your plans and giving you directions, particularly when the future decides to go somewhere else. As it usually does. Ignoring previous results precludes learning from your mistakes, barring the vital process of moving from knowledge (of facts) to wisdom (having insight). Making mistakes is not bad. Not learning from them, is.

So where do we stand now, almost ten year later? All those predictions, did they come true? If the answer was yes, a miracle would have happened.

Traxion asked Peter to write an update on his first book, and here it is! “On Security Strategy, #itsallaboutaccess” is now available to stimulate thinking and discussion about the past and the future.

It is available for download, we hope you will enjoy reading it. Any questions? Get in contact, we like to exchange thoughts!

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