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Whether you’re a startup or a multi-billion dollar enterprise, you need a fast, easy, foolproof way to validate identity, letting the right people and systems in, and keeping the bad guys out. But building your own identity and access management (IAM) infrastructure is both risky and expensive.

IAM is notoriously complex and brittle. It is the continuous target of hackers and criminals, and the consequences of failure are harsh. The pressure to ship code is intense, but secure identity management is devilishly complex, and can put the brakes on rapid development. Without the right tools, it is hard for many developers to quickly and easily implement secure IAM, and that’s a risk: with malware everywhere, identity is the new firewall.

Auth0 was founded to make identity management easy for ordinary developers. Two highly regarded enterprise identity and security experts – Eugenio Pace and M atias Woloski – set out to revolutionize the identity, authentication, authorization and security landscape. They knew firsthand just how fragmented the IAM world had become. With a relentless focus on simplicity and developer productivity, they set out to build a universal platform that can broker among identity providers and applications, web sites, APIs and IoT devices.

The Auth0 platform helps all of your developers, regardless of their security or identity expertise, to safeguard your business with a powerful and simple user experience: implementing Auth0 takes only a few lines of code. It replaces complex, brittle integrations with simplicity and ironclad security. Unlike other popular IAM products, what often takes weeks or months to implement now takes just hours or days with the Auth0 platform. And you can sleep at night, knowing you’re gaining both agility and state-of-the-art security.

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