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MIM File Services Management Agent

This connector provides the ability to manage folders on a file share (e.g. for home of shared folders) from within your Identity & Access Management landscape.

More information? Contact our Traxion Development Team at 0031 418653883. Here’s an overview of all Traxion modules.

Supported Identity management systems:

  • Microsoft
    • Microsoft Identity Manager Synchronization Services

Supported Platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows (File Services) and other CIFS based appliances


  • Based on CIFS-protocol and NTFS-permissions
  • Outsourcing all file server operations (e.g. deletion of folder movements) to dedicated service to prevent long running processing holding up the sync engine
  • Folder CRUD management
  • Folders can be divided over a pool of file servers, based on disk space or number of folders
  • Support for folder moves between file servers
  • Support for permission inheritance (incl. auditing rules)
  • Enhanced deletion capabilities like support for long paths (–>260), taking ownership. locked files, retrying.
  • Logging


  • Outsource folder management to your IAM solution
  • Easy to deploy (installer package)
  • Proven technology

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