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MIM Office365 license module

Office 365 provides your office products when and where you need it. In order for your organization to take advantage of the Office 365 services, you need to assign the purchased licenses to your employees and activate the desired services you want them to start using.

Traxion therefore developed this MIM Office365 license management agent. It allows you to manage Office 365 license suites on user-level from within your Identity & Access Management landscape.

More information? Contact our Traxion Development Team at 0031 418 653883.

Supported Office 365 license suites:


  • Remote PowerShell based connection
  • Office 365 license suite management (all Office 365 license suites are supported)
  • Automatically enable/disable specific services available in the license suite
  • Logging


  • Office 365 license suite management
    • Retrieve Microsoft online users and connect them with existing Identities in your IAM solution
    • Create, update & delete license suites on user-level
    • Enable or disable specific services available in the license suite
  • No additional Azure AD licenses required in order to automate license management for Office 365

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