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MIM Office365 SharePoint Online module

SharePoint Online provides a secure, cloud service platform to store, organize, share and access information from almost every device. SharePoint Online is part of the Office 365 suite (E1 or higher) Microsoft offers to business, education, government and nonprofit organizations.

This connector provides the ability to integrate your SharePoint groups with your IAM solution to manage group permissions driven from your Access Management solution. Next to that, additional profile information can be synchronized directly to SharePoint Online.

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Supported Identity management systems:

  • Microsoft Identity Manager Synchronization Services

Supported Office365 services:

  • SharePoint Online


  • Based on CSOM API (not the deprecated SOAP API)
  • Dynamic schema discovery
  • Import of all user profiles
  • Import of groups on a per site basis
  • Synchronization of group memberships on a per site basis (incl. automation of managing complex SPO structure of user profile to site user to site group)
  • Sites can be included/excluded via configuration using opt-in of opt-out strategy. Sites are dynamically loaded.
  • Synchronization of user profile attributes which cannot be managed with the default SPO-AzureAD integration (inclding standard attributes like phone number but also any custom created SPO attribute)
  • Synchronization of user profile picture including thumbnail support
  • Can be deployed side-by-side for multiple tenant support (each having their own configuration)


  • Synchronize additional user information otherwise not provided by Active Directory
  • Synchronize all available groups within SharePoint Online
  • Synchronize the relation between user groups and users

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