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Traxion ADFS MFA Adapter

Providing secure multi-factor authentication

Access to your enterprise-applications needs to be secure. Even with excellent password polices there is nothing that withholds users from using their own chosen passwords for other purposes like social media.

When such third party gets hacked, attackers could use these passwords to enter enterprise-applications. That’s why these days most Access Control services, like AD FS, support the integration of a Multi-Factor authentication adapter. Because the need in the market to find a secure and price-efficient MFA solution, Traxion developed its own AD FS MFA Adapter which you can integrate in AD FS to enforce MFA.

Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) provides single-sign on technologies to authenticate users to multiple applications over the lifespan of a web session.
The AD FS MFA Adapter comes with an easy install tool and is designed to support multiple MFA solutions. In the package, we provide 3 possible MFA plug-ins so you can decide yourself which authentication method best fits for your organization. Next to that, additional MFA plug-ins can be developed and customized on your needs!

More information? Contact our Traxion Development Team at 0031 418653883.

Out-of-the-Box available MFA plug-ins

  • One-Time Password via registered email address
  • One-Time Password via registered phone number (SMS via CM gateway)
  • Time based One-Time Password (TOTP) via mobile app (Google authenticator, Azure authenticator, Okta MFA..)


  • Easy installation wizard
  • User Registration portal
  • Automatic AD FS Look and feel branding
  • Flexible design
  • Logging
  • Support for WID and SQL database


  • More security on authentication
  • Direct AD FS integration

Do you want to know more? Contact our Traxion Development Team or call us on 0031 418653883.

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