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IM Sequencer

Within every FIM solution you have multiple systems that are connected via management agents. A management agent is the connection between a source/destination system (like LDAP, Database, Text files etc.) and Forefront Identity Manager (formerly known as ILM & MIIS). There is out of the box no solution for scheduling and triggering management agents based on time or events, reporting or alerting and integrating scripts or applications to complete the synchronization process.

Within the FIM solution you to schedule the management agents based on a specific interval or events, events like an HR text file is updated or data within the FIM portal is ready to be synchronized. These events can all indicate there is a need to start the synchronization. Administrators always need to verify the data which is being synchronized and if errors occurred. When errors arise, appropriate counter measures need to be taken to prevent corruption in the IDM system or other connected systems.

IM Sequencer 6.0

A new release IM Sequencer 6.0 is now available! If you have questions about our IM Sequencer, feel free to contact Traxion or click here. We will be happy to share our vision and experiences.