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CaaS: CISO as a Service

Information security, nowadays usually called cyber security, has become part of every organization. Organizations today must have the knowledge, capacity and organizational structure required to face a wide range of challenges. Structural information security deployment minimizes the risks without limiting business opportunities. Central management by a well-informed CISO, Chief Information Security Officer, who can speak the language of all stakeholders (Board of Directors, Business Managers and employees and all IT Managers and emplyees) assures a solid apporach supported by all. Traxion cannot change the current market: experienced people are not easy to find. Our goal is to deploy the existing expertise as efficiently as possible. We have, therefore, developed the CaaS formula: a CISO as a Service.

This approach provides the following benefits:

The CISO is immediately deployable and has the required knowledge and skills with regard to proven methods to address the tasks at hand from the word go. This person has access to specialized knowledge through the broad Traxion portfolio. The CISO makes information security visible, understandable, even for the non-expert, making it manageable. Traxion is responsible for a substitute in case of illness, departure or leave and the scalability of this job position is assured by the supporting organization.

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