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Penetration testing as a Service

The world in which hackers and penetration testers operate is a rapidly-changing realm. Hackers break into computer systems on a seemingly daily basis and continue to evolve new methods of attack. The computer security question “Am I safe?” changes rapidly to “Am I still safe?”.

Our philosophy is that continuous testing is necessary to guarantee your safety. In practical terms, it is necessary to perform regular testing and to compare these tests. This allows you to determine immediately whether the security of your system has improved or not.

managed service penetration testing

Traxion has developed a managed service penetration test to tackle this requirement. The objective of this managed service is to provide certainty on whether your IT situation can handle existing and future threats.

ADVANTAGES penetration testing

  • Long-term planning based on risk analysis
  • Proven methodology
  • Certainty that the application is secured against the newest vulnerabilities
  • Regular reporting of findings
  • Support in remedying findings (optional)

Who is it for?

Traxion managed penetration testing may be of interest to you if:

  • You must demonstrate periodically that your IT resources are secure
  • You need certainty on a predictable budget
  • You need a thorough grasp of the quality of your software

Penetration testing as a service for your organization?

Traxion offers a complete portfolio in Security Quality Control. Security Quality Control encompasses everything related to the testing and prevention of security leaks. Would u like to know more about penetration testing? Feel free to contact us.