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Security Awareness - Bewareness

Security Awareness is extremely important. A recurring Security Awareness programme enables your organisation to maintain vigilance and resilience on security and adjust it where needed. Users learn how to avoid or reduce risks inherent in how they work with computers, to be attentive and to report anything suspicious.

We organize Security Awareness training for a variety of target audiences:


We organize one-off and recurring Security Awareness training for end-users, separately or integrated with penetration testing or vulnerability assessment. It can be very refreshing to be confronted with the facts occasionally. Facts speak for themselves.


IT specialists in your organization deserve special attention. It’s quite easy to assume that your specialists know what’s what. But this is not the most sensible attitude. Knowledge drives all security efforts, but the field is undergoing rapid and sweeping changes. An IT specialist deals continuously with matters related to security, but that doesn’t mean that every specialist is a security expert. The field of IT is much too broad and dynamic. An IT specialist can make a couple of seemingly minor errors that can lead to serious security issues.


The third target audience is management. In practice, managing security is far from simple. What are the current hotspots? What are the long-term threats? What regulations will we have to deal with? Traxion provides Security Awareness Training for senior and middle management so they can get a better grip on these issues.

Security Awareness for your organization?

Traxion provides Security Awareness training for end users and management and also provides a seperate Security Awareness training for IT architects, developers, administrators and support staff.

If you want to know how a suitable awareness program can be tailored to your organization’s needs, feel free to contact us.