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Good data security is not only required by law, but also prevents financial damage. The growing amount of information in your business and the need for quick access to it creates vulnerabilities. Complex processes between people and technology do not make it easy to determine whether you are adequately protected against external attacks or internal data leaks. When an organization is hit by hacking, malware, ransomware or other data leaks, the consequences are huge. The most important item of damage may not be merely the data recovery costs but there is also damage to reputation, loss of productivity, fines and the loss of customers.

Create trust with Overall Information Security scan and services

With Traxion’s Overall Information Security scan, you get an up-to-date status on your data protection based on global best practices and a prioritization of any areas for improvement. In addition, we offer a portfolio of services with which you can strengthen specific aspects of the data protection of your organization.

Remove any doubts about the AVG/GDPR quick win and services

With Traxion’s AVG/GDPR Quick Win you get an overview of how ready your organization is for the new act and practical handles for the data register to be drawn up (Article 30 GDPR). Moreover, we offer a portfolio of services to ensure that your data processing is constantly compliant with the GDPR.

Defend your organization with the Cyber Security Quick Scan and Services

By implementing Traxion’s Cyber Security Quick Scan, your organization will get an up-to-date status of your technical defense against cyber attacks, based on global best practice, and an overview of the important points for improvement. In addition, we offer a portfolio of services to help you strengthen the defense of your information.

Manage your crypto certificates with the Crypto Quick Scan and Services

With Traxion’s Crypto Quick Scan, you get an overview of all the certificates in use in your business, when they were issued and how safe they are. In addition, we offer a portfolio of services that enable management and proactive replacement of certificates without the need for administrators to know the keys.

Support employees with Security Awareness Start Up services

With Traxion’s Security Awareness Start Up, you take the first step towards more effective awareness and changing the behavior of your employees in the area of data protection. In addition, we offer services that turn your employees into the strongest link in data protection.

Innovate more safely and save costs with Security by Design Set Up services

Protecting software and IT solutions is a continuous and costly process. With Traxion’s Security by Design Setup services your organization can innovate more safely and you save unnecessary security costs after the fact.

Have you got any doubts about whether your information is continuously and effectively secured against attack, or would you rather not be involved in it at all? Traxion offers a wide range of services that take the load off of organizations and provide for every data protection need.