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By carrying out the Overall Information Security Scan, the most important aspects of your data protection are examined. Based on that, customized advice is given for follow-up steps.

Our integral data protection and privacy services are aimed at optimally protecting your data across the full range of people, processes and technology. Our experience is that this increases the control, flexibility and efficiency of data protection for your organization.


Your organization will receive a report with the status updates and suggestions for improvement to:

  • your technical defense against cyber attacks.
  • the human link in data protection.
  • your control over data protection and privacy


In 2016 alone, the Dutch Data Protection Authority received 5,700 reports of data leaks. The actual number is probably much higher. The need for faster access to company data and more intensive exchange of information with external parties make data management processes more complex and, by the same token, more vulnerable. When an organization is hit by hacking, malware or ransomware, the consequences are huge. The most important item of damage may not be merely the data recovery costs but there is also damage to reputation, loss of productivity, fines and the loss of customers.

The Traxion Overall Information Security Scan can include the following items as desired:

Infrastructure vulnerability scan: with our software, we examine the vulnerabilities in the infrastructure from within your own network.
Governance study: by means of checklist interviews with a number of stakeholders, Traxion investigates which elements of a control structure are fine-tuned and which are not.
Analysis of security systems management: interviews with a number of administrators about the antivirus, firewall, public key infrastructure and identity and access management systems.
Phishing email test: a phishing email is sent to (a segment of) your employees, by means of which we monitor whether they click on the ‘malicious’ link.
Privacy scan: in a number of checklist interviews with at least the Data Protection Officer and IT Manager, the GDPR components, processes, procedures and technology are reviewed.

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