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Cyber Security Services

A stable and reliable Security, Identity & Access functionality nowadays is a precondition for a continuous direction. But how do you make sure that your solutions will offer the necessary functionality, acquirements and protection? How do you keep the necessary technology and knowledge up to date?

Traxion offers several services for support, as well as a complete package of scans to test your IT Security.


  • Penetration Testing as a Service

The object of Traxion Penetration Testing Service is to provide certainty on whether your IT situation can handle existing and future threats.

  • Network & Application Assessment as a Service (NAAS)

The Netwerk & Application Assessment as a Service (NAAS) will integrate the testing process in your own security program, project & control cycles. The integration and coherence give your defense strength and durability.


With the Corporate Information Security Officer as a Service your organisation has sufficient knowledge and capacity to stand up to the wide range of challenges in security matters.

We can offer a Security Awareness program which completes your existing Security Awareness program, but also a program in itself, the BaaS Service, Bewareness as a Service.

Certificates are the backbone of the trust layer in your applications and environments. Management and monitoring of these certificates and keys are mandatory.


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