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Security assessment services

With the Security Assessment Services your organization gains insight into the vulnerabilities of your IT infrastructure. By deploying one or more Traxion scans, your organization will receive an up-to-date status of your technical and organizational defense against cyber attacks based on global best practices and standards.

Our Security assessment services are aimed at optimally securing your information on the axis of people, processes and technology. Our experience is that this increases the control, flexibility and effectiveness of information security for your organization.


Current status

Your organization gains insight into the current status of your process-based organization and technical defense against cyber attacks through a report that contains the following elements:

  • findings from the vulnerability study (vulnerability scan)
  • results from interviews with stakeholders
  • observation report of the design and management processes of important security systems
  • the most important points for improvement
  • advice and knowledge for improving your cyber security

All this based on global best practices and standards frameworks.



Research by Forrester shows that 50% of Dutch companies have had a cyber attack. A disturbing result is that 8% of Dutch companies do not know whether they have been attacked. The growing IT infrastructure and the desire to quickly access data makes processes vulnerable. When a company is hit by hacking, malware or ransomware, the consequences are enormous. Not the data recovery costs, but reputation damage, loss of productivity, fines and the loss of customers are the biggest damages.

Process steps

The Security Assessment consists of the following steps that are carried out with you:

1. Vulnerability scan; With the help of our software we investigate from your own network which vulnerabilities your infrastructure contains.

2.Interviews with key figures; in a checklist of interviews with stakeholders (Security Officer, IT manager and Privacy Officer) we examine the status of the management organization and the most important processes (Incident, Problem, Change and Patch Management).

3. Observation of the number of security systems; in interviews with administrators, the management of systems and management processes for antivirus, firewall, SIEM, IPS / IDS, Certificates Management / PKI, Website / Domain name registration and identity and access management are examined.

We also offer support for the following:

Audit or assessment for your organisation?

Traxion shows the status of your security through an audit or assessment. Contact us for an assessment and discover how we can help to comply with the privacy, security and compliancy objectives that you set. You can also call us on +31 418 653883 or +32 1528 50 70.

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