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Monitoring, Analytics and Dashboarding

Real-time insight into the security and IT operations situation within your organization? Do you want your dashboards and risk profiles to develop along with your organization in the same way as you do for your issued authorizations? Monitoring is one, extracting information from this is another? If only I could make security and / or business decisions based on information. Is the behavior of my users normal?

Do you recognize this? Traxion sees a close relationship between preventive and detective measures. Decisions in, for example, the access layer are increasingly made on the basis of real data. Security dashboarding becomes a necessity in addition to IT operational dashboarding.

More information?

With monitoring, analytics and dashboarding, Traxion offers security services that provide real-time insight into your security risks and (security) operational systems. Do you want to know more? We are happy to share our knowledge and vision.

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