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NEN7510 certification support

A NEN7510 process, also a must for your healthcare organization?
In healthcare institutions, confidential information is used a lot. Care files containing a lot of personal information must be available from care providers. In addition, hospitals create a great deal of visual material that is transported to all kinds of parties. And of course information must be made available within partnerships.

Clients entrust a lot of information to the healthcare institution. This also increases the responsibility to handle it with care. NEN7510 can give clients and partners the confidence that your institution is serious about the information and that it is in trusted hands.

Specifically for the care sector, the Wgbo (Act on the Medical Treatment Agreement) and the Wkkgz (Quality, Complaints and Disputes Care Act), among others, require adequate protection of client data. Broader legal frameworks also require adequate information security. The European privacy legislation AVG requires appropriate technical and organizational measures for the protection of personal data. By taking NEN7510 as a starting point, you can comply with these laws and regulations in your healthcare organization.

A NEN7510 process can become quite large for a care organization. Our approach makes it possible to implement the standard in clear steps and, if necessary, to certify it.

Our approach

Traxion has a sober no-nonsense approach in clear steps. Together with you, the scope will be determined and we arrive at a result-oriented approach. Through an Agile Scrum approach, the successes are determined in advance and celebrated afterwards with the team.
The team consists of matter experts and guide you and your organization with broad knowledge from practice to the NEN7510 certificate.

Visible results

Certification is not a goal in itself, but a means to achieve an improved safe environment. Our risk-based approach shows that identified risks are mitigated. This leads to a mature organization in the field of information security.
Our approach focuses on people, processes and technology (people, process, technology). This trinity remains in balance throughout the entire process.

Your investment

The Traxion experts guide your organization to the NEN7510 certification. To be successful, but also to guarantee the results, your employees will be intensively involved. We at Traxion believe that the change must come from the organization. We also play a supporting, guiding and facilitating role. Where necessary, we can relieve your organization by taking over tasks. This will of course take place in full consultation.

Traxion has a lot of knowledge and experience to make the project a success. Our consultants have all kinds of certificates in information security. Through a right mix of consultants, we ensure an efficient and effective result so that your partners and clients can rely on the safety of your organization. Want to know more? Our Security specialists will be happy to contact you.