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Security Awareness

With a Security Awareness Startup, everyone in your organization gets interactive insight into awareness in the area of IT security. In addition, employees already become aware during the process of which behaviors are essential (the so-called key security behaviors) in order to successfully minimize the risk of data leaks.

Our Security Awareness Services are aimed at making the individual the strongest link in the data protection. Our experience is that this increases the control, flexibility and efficiency of data protection for your organization.


Once the process had been completed, you will have made a start on a continuous process of security awareness, based on the best practices currently in use. This consists of:

  • insight into the level of security awareness of employees
  • process documentation with results
  • a set of key security behaviors in words and images
  • tools for changing awareness and behavior by means of modes of communication.


In 2017, the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) received more than 9,000 reports of data leaks. The actual number is probably much higher. Many of these data leaks can be traced back to erroneous actions or lack of knowledge on the part of employees. Because of the need for faster access to company data and more intensive exchange of data with external parties, data management processes are more complex and less transparent for employees, making them more vulnerable to data leaks. When an organization is hit by a data leak due to faulty use, hacking, malware or ransomware, the consequences are huge. The most important item of damage may not be merely the data recovery costs but there is also damage to reputation, loss of productivity, fines and the loss of customers.

Steps in the process

Traxion’s Security Awareness Startup consists of:

  1. Phishing email test: a phishing email is sent to (a segment of) your employees, which we use to monitor whether they click on the ‘malicious’ link.
  2. Awareness focal points: based on the results and best practice knowledge, focal points will be jointly determined.
  3. Employee workshops: we organize a maximum of 5 (remote) workshops in which, among other things, Traxion discusses the focal points with a maximum of 15 employees at a time, for example by presenting dilemmas.
  4. Identifying and translating key security behaviors: from the results of the workshops, Traxion distils company-specific and critical security behaviors. These so-called key security behaviors are then translated in such a way that they can easily be used in all kinds of communications.

Being aware as a Service (BaaS)
Traxion continuously supports organizations in keeping their employees’ data protection awareness up to date and increasing it. The solution par excellence for organizations that understand that optimal data protection is an interplay among people, business processes and technology.

Using best practice applications, tooling and knowledge, we draw up a company-specific schedule of workshops, checks and training sessions based on the SOSTAC methodology. In this way, you benefit optimally and economically from the up-to-date and best practice expertise that Traxion provides. As a result, your employees are constantly prepared for ever-changing threats.

Security Awareness Advisory Service
Based on an indication of the status of security awareness in your company, we give advice on what follow-up steps you should take in order to raise security awareness to a higher level. For a reliable status, interviews with stakeholders from your organization and an analysis of recorded security incidents are required. Traxion will first weigh up the costs and benefits with you in order to arrive at a customized study.

Security Awareness Implementation Projects
Traxion can provide a variety of workshops with different topics in various forms, such as dilemma workshops and remote workshops, as well as offering and conducting various forms of training sessions, using recognized tools and applications in this area.

Integrated Information Security Management
Traxion can offer you a security awareness on-call subscription which allows you to determine yourself which elements you wish to purchase and at what point in time. With the ‘pay what you use’ management contract, you have insight into how much has already been used and what you can still call upon. You can adjust this the whole year through and it guarantees that you always receive and use the latest best practice knowledge, focused on the contemporaneous threats prevailing.

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