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Identity and Access Management

Management and control of access is more complex today than ever before. The current mix of applications and access scenarios make an Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution extremely complex and time-consuming.

Traxion can help you by implementing a simple and flexible solution that satisfies the IAM requirements of your organisation and your customers. We work with you on the following solutions.

Provide a clear path to governance

Obtain a uniform, organisation-wide and policy-based visibility and control by focusing the approach on the management of applications, unstructured data, privilege accounts and administrators.

Ensures that the organisation makes its own decisions

Empowers the organisation to solve the highest priorities that can push the organisation forward. This is possible by using self-service, uniform policy rules, and identity and workflow tools.

Is simple

Continues to build on your current investments, uniform authentication, authorisation and administration. Maximises your organisation with automation and process instrumentation.

Has a modular and integrated approach

Start where you want and continue to build with solutions that have no fixed limits. Connect easily to current tools and assets.

Provide a fast return

Roll out affordable solutions in weeks, not years. This is the result of streamlining and automating tasks. Lower your costs with affordable solutions that also reduce the workload for your IT organisation.

If you want to know more about our IAM solutions and related issues, feel free to contact a Traxion account manager.

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