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Customer Identity and Access management

Customer expectations are pushing customer experience to the next level

In today’s digital world, customers want a faster, better and a cheaper high level of service. Customer’s journeys have never been as complex. Customers interact across many channels in their buying journey. They are expecting a unified user experience, which they can control and adjust to their preferences. An instant, secure and seamless customer experience across all the applications and devices is the new norm. Security and identity management are playing a central role. Here is where Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) comes in.

What is CIAM?

Customer Identity and Access Management, or short CIAM, main business drivers focus on attracting and retaining customers. This is different from the traditional Identity and Access Management (IAM), which is all about reducing risk and improving operational efficiencies. With Customer Identity and Access management the number of identities that need to be secured runs into the ten of thousands up to millions. The identities are initially unknown and become known over time. The customer is in control of their preferences and profile, which requires a user centric privacy protection approach and an outstanding service level to meet customer’s digital experiences across all channels.

User centric privacy protection

Unlock the value of CIAM

  • Increase of customer acquisition rates and retention; by easy registration and reusable access credentials
  • Enable better decisions and improved digital experiences; deep customer insights across all channels by gaining rich identity information that can be leveraged across channels
  • Increase cross-sells, up-sells and ad revenue; by a uniform user experience
  • Improve time to market; by breaking down silo’s and reducing cost and tome to get additional products and services online

Putting best practice, best fit solutions to work for your customers

  • By aligning CIAM business value to product and support capabilities; seamless customer experiences journey across many channels with capabilities and technologies, including account management, social log in, data security, single sing on and federation, privacy management, common profiles, adaptive and multi factor authentication, preference management and more.
  • Get the right balance between usability and security; easy to use multi-channel access and optimal customer data protection and privacy needs
  • Enable you to grow as you go, scale when required; adding more channels and devices quickly without compromising on customer expectations
  • Offer a common user experience across all channels including partner channels

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