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  1. 11 April 2019 Risk event Isaca

    On Thursday 11 April 2019 the IT Risk conference organized by ISACA, NOREA, PvIB, IIA, ISC2, SSA & KNVI will take place in Amsterdam.

    Participants can choose from 3 mainstreams: ‘Corporate Risks’, ‘IT Risks’ & ‘Digital Transformation Risks’. A fourth stream is for foreign speakers. Each of the mainstreams consists of different seminars where participants can choose the program that fits their interests best.

    Meet team Traxion at this event, you can register here.


  2. Cyber security conference Belgium 12 June 2019

    Traxion will participate in the Cyber Security conference Belgium 2019 and will be glad to meet you. This year’s conference will be looking into the latest evolutions with regard to cyber security, the upcoming of the Internet of Threats and will be helping you to identify how to protect your valuable data and other key assets in that context. Interaction and learning from experiences of others is key. In addition to a high-quality conference programme, there are various activities where interaction and 1 to 1 contacts are central.

    Want to be there as well? Registration is open now. Team Traxion is looking forward to meet you!

  3. 17 September 2019 Identity Management Europe

    Meet Traxion’s team at Europe’s leading Identity & Access Management Conference.  This conference will take place 17 September 2019 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This high quality event will give you the opportunity to discuss all your Identity management challenges. Many knowledge partners and vendors will be happy to meet you at the event.
    Traxion is an independent specialist and partner in the broad field of Information Security. With strategic, tactical and operational advice and services, we guide our customer towards robust, flexible solutions. We would like to be the right partner for you, so be sure you don’t miss our stand and meet our team.

    The event also hosts many interesting speakers in seminars and in plenary meetings. Participants can choose between  The programme consists of many subjects on ‘Architecting the success of your IAM programme’ and Managing and improving your IAM programme’.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to broaden your knowledge. It is an ideal event for senior risk management, security and IAM professionals.  across government and large enterprise organisations. If you want to participate, you can register here. We will meet you there!


  4. 29 november: Cyber Security 2018

    Wat zijn de laatste ontwikkelingen in de wedloop tegen cybercriminelen? Met welke dreigingen moet je rekening houden? Hoe kun je je als security professional wapenen tegen cybercriminelen?  Een greep van actuele vragen die aan bod komen op het Cyber Security congres van Heliview.

    Traxion is vertegenwoordigd op dit congres en ontmoet u hier graag. Wij delen graag onze kennis en expertise met u.

  5. 20th November Digital Identity: The Identity & Trust conference

    Do you look at IAM as a technical topic that cost organisations only money? The reverse is true, it should be seen as an important key enabler.

    Visit the Digital Identity & trust conference in Brussels, 20th November 2018:  In one day you will be completely informed about the latest developments in the field of Identity & Access Management solutions as foundation for the future.

    As Partner in Information Security, Traxion is one of the sponsors of the conference. Eager to guide you through the IAM landscape and ready to answer all your questions. Meet us as our stand, we would be pleased to meet you! Furthermore, Michiel Broeckx, one of our senior consultants, will present in a breakout session.

    If you haven’t registered yet, you can register here.


  6. 25th October Belgian Cyber Security Convention

    The Belgian Cyber Security Convention stimulates businesses to invest in their data protection by bringing the whole field of IT-specialists together for a one-day event of networking and education. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get connected and stay updated on the latest evolutions in information technology. It will take place in Lamot Congres Centre in Mechelen, Belgium.
    Learn and get an update about the challenges and techniques in cyber security in the four different conference tracks: governance, technology, platforms and GDPR.

    Traxion Security will be represented at this convention, we are glad to share our knowledge, skills, action plans, scans and services. We are looking forward to meet you!


  7. 4 October 2018 Security & Governance dinner seminar

    Take a deep-dive at I AM: Security and Governance, an exclusive three-course seminar dinner for a select audience of C-level executives and security architects on Thursday, October 4th 2018 at QO Amsterdam.
    We’ll bring you up to speed on the developments in end-to-end security and you’ll learn everything you need to know about IAM.

    Do you have full insights in your organization’s IAM challenges?  Identity and access management (IAM) has become a topic that affects the entire business, and should be on the board room agenda. Not having the right processes in place can affect the company in many ways, with lost productivity on the one hand and potential security and compliance issues on the other.
    There are various angles to look at when it comes to identity and access management, and covering just one does not suffice. The end-to-end security and governance solution by Okta, CyberArk and SailPoint spans the entire spectrum and provides one unique, integrated solution for all identities.

    Interested? Contact us at or

  8. Roundtable Cloud Identity

    What can Cloud Identity do for your organization? Automation and control of access is more complex today than ever before. The current mix of applications and access scenarios make a custom made manually managed Identity & Access Governance (IAG) solution extremely complex, time-consuming and expensive.

    Identity & Access Governance (IAG) solutions give organizations control over who has access to data and to which data. People often fail to realize or acknowledge that logic is required to achieve the structured management of information and systems.

    With a complex IT landscape and sizable organizations, robust internal control mechanisms are becoming a primary concern and necessity. Identity management is the main solution for current security challenges, reducing the risks from undesirable access and providing compliance improvements but how do you establish this? When completely cloud-based, should it be a cloud-based solution as well, or not? Is it possible to automate these processes?

    We are looking forward to the Roundtable discussion on 5 October where Traxion and Sailpoint will moderate a roundtable discussion in Belgium.

  9. 9 March Enterprise Security and Risk Management conference

    On 9 March Traxion will be represented at the Enterprise Security and Risk Management conference in Amsterdam.

    The cost and sophistication of security breaches is increasing. Most enterprises are under pressure to build resilience and protect their critical data and systems in the face of budgetary constraints and disruptive technology uptake by employees.  The ESRM Europe event will discuss the evolving threat landscape and what organisations can do to manage the multitude of risks that can disrupt business. Expert speakers will share best practice on how businesses can proactively monitor risks and offset them by bolstering their capabilities.

    Want to learn what Traxion can do for your? Please meet us at this conference or contact us at


  10. 8 March 2017 Identity Management Europe conference, Amsterdam

    Traxion will be represented on Europe’s leading identity management conference for senior risk management, security and IAM professionals across government and large enterprise organisations.

    Identity and Access Management (IAM) has emerged as a critical cornerstone for realising business benefits, from cost savings and unlocking efficiencies to business growth and greater visibility. Identity is now the focal point of customer relationships and is increasingly a pillar of support that facilitates improved performance through giving the right people the right level of access at the right time. For most enterprises, IAM is the first line of defence for protecting systems, applications and data along with confidentiality, integrity and privacy.

    This conference will offer a high level platform for thought leaders, practitioners and iam specialists across Europe to discuss the infrastructural challenges and opportunities associated with managing and security identity within the enterprise.


    Please meet Traxion at this conference. Traxion is specialist in identity and access management, and your partner in the entire scope of information security.


  11. Roundtable “Are you in control of the access to your data”?

    On 13 April Traxion and Omada invite you to a Roundtable “Are you in control of the access to your data”?

    To protect your data, it is essential to control who has access to it. Especially in large organizations having insight in your people and which information they can get to is crucial! Not everyone has the same rights, because you’re dealing with identities from different layers; clients, customers, suppliers, etc.

    You do not only have to deal with users but you also have to deal with the applications and systems they work on. Therefore, data leaks and security breaches may cause critical and business sensitive information ending up in the wrong hands. This is a constant threat for many companies, especially if you work with complex identities and infrastructure.

    We will help you to gain new insights and discover opportunities by sharing knowledge and experiences in an interactive discussion about the following:

    • What are for your organization the biggest risks in relation to information security?
    • How do I control who has access to which data (in a hybrid environment)?
    • What is the relation of IAM with GDPR?
    • How do I keep my complex data environment controllable and safe to work with?
    • How can we meet the compliance requirements?

    Venue: Hotel Houten        Welcome from 9.30, start at 10.00h till 14.00h                     The discussion will be in English

    If you are interested to participate in this Roundtable, please register. Target audience are end-users.


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  12. IT&Cyber Security Leadership Advisory Board 2017

    Park Plaza Airport Hotel, Amsterdam

    Security, information-risk-management, compliance, governance, protection, internal control systems and similar expressions are not just modern day buzzwords but challenges in which solutions are legally required. With Chief Information Security Officers (CISO), Compliance (CCO) and Risk (CRO) officers and similar job titles being liable, CISO/CCO/CRO Strategy Meeting platform presents an ideal opportunity to discuss these challenges with peers, and to open new commercial relationships with Solution providers.

    At this event organized by Strategy Nets, Traxion and Ping Identity will host a roundtable discussion where  CISOs/CCOs/CROs address their challenges with their peers facing the same challenges.

    Furthermore there will be One-to-One meetings and a large number of networking programs where we can support you in solving your challenges.

    Are you interested in joining the event or taking place in the roundtable discussion? Please contact us for more information.


  13. Former events:

    News: 14 October 2015 TestNet autumn event

    Peter Rietveld gave a lecture on the autumn event of TestNet. “Security testing is too important to leave it to wannebe hackers”.

    News: 17 September 2015 IDM Europe event

    On 17 September John van Westeneng, partner at Traxion, will give a presentation during the IDM Europe event.   The presentation is titled “Implementing Enterprise Identity Service with IDAAS as fundament”.

    News: 24 June 2015 “Enable the Application Economy”

    As partner of CA, Traxion was represented at the CA Business Class Executive Briefing which was held at Nyenrode University in Breukelen. Subject was the Application Economy: the application interface of the internet of everything. The way you manage your applications to perfection will decide your competitive success in the decades to come. For more information see

    News: 18 June 2015  Event ‘Cloud Strategies’ Okta/Traxion/IAM4Cloud

    IAM4Cloud/Traxion and Okta were represented at the managementevent ‘Cloud Strategies’. Eric IJpelaar (DSM) gave a lecture about the process gone through in the cooperation Traxion/DSM.

    News: 29 mei 2015 PKI Deep Dive


    On Friday 29 May a successful PKI Deep Dive training took place. Topic was the actual situation in cryptography and more specific PKI. Purpose of the Deep Dive was to update pentesters, developers and service managers who are faced with certificate issues by new technologies like mobile and Cloud. What are the new developments and standards in cryptography, what is the impact, how is migration done etc. Traxion invited some of our customers to take part in this interesting session.

    News: 26 May 2015  Theme: ‘What do we learn from the latest important hacks’

    On Tuesday 26 May Traxion and the Dutch “Platform for Information Security” (PvIB)  organized a theme session ‘What do we learn from the latest important hacks’. Traxion consultant Peter Rietveld gave a lecture on ‘The Top 10 hacks of 2014’.

    News: 22 May 2015 Lecture and Workshop “Cyberwargame”

    Diederik Perk gave a lecture and workshop “Cyberwargame” at the ‘Hogeschool van Amsterdam’. The subject of the congress was: “The role of The Netherlands within the international security”.

    News: 21 May 2015  Heliview Identity & Access Management

    Traxion was represented at the congres for Identity & Access Management on 21 May 2015 in Papendal/Arnhem.  Top keynote was by Gartner – IAM Horror Stories. During an interactive session  all attendees tried to find out where IAM stands in the Netherlands.

    collage (1)

    News: 13 May 2015 Round Table IT-news in the education branch

    On 13 May Traxion organized a Round Table about actual IT topics in the education branch. How do we deal with Identity & Access Management and Access Control here? The event took place at the WUR in Wageningen.

    News: 15 april 2015 Workshop “Bewareness: Think like a hacker”

    On 15 April the ‘Innovation Room’ in The Hague was opened by Minister Kamp and Mayor Van Aartsen. In the slipstream the ‘The Hague Security Delta’ (HSD) organized a unique ‘Cyber Security Week’. At the same time also the One Conference and the Global Conference about Cyber Space (GCCS2015) took place. More than 100 international delegations participated. During this week Traxion oranized the workshop: Think like a hacker, in which crisis situations were simulated and ready knowledge was asked, shared and broadened.

    News: 2 april 2015 Round Table in Tallinn, Estland

    The Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association has invited Diederik Perk (Traxion) to speak at the third NATO&EU Roundtable, which took place in April 2015 in Tallinn, Estonia. The event took place in cooperation with Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Estonian Foreign Policy Institute, NATO Headquarters and Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Diederik Perk spoke in a panel discussion on April 2nd on the subject of “Ways to Protect and Develop Cooperation in the Cyber Network”

    collage-2015-04-08 v1

    News: 25 maart 2015 Lunch Seminar RSA/Traxion

    How does your company deal with the actual challenges  around efficient and safe Identity Management and Governance. This interesting seminar took already place.IMG_0122


    News: 18 maart 2015 CA/Traxion Risk Reduction Round Table

    Peter Rietveld (Traxion) was one of the spokesman at the Risk Reduction Round Table that CA organized with Traxion.

    News: 17 maart 2015

    At the CA event Peter Rietveld (Traxion) gave a lecture about the Top 10 hacks of 2014: Trends and Lessons Learned.

    News: 5 maart 2015 Seminar Okta/Traxion

    Together with Okta and DSM, Traxion organized a seminar about the fast developments in  Identity and Access Management in the Cloud. What does this mean for IDM strategies, what are the latest tendencies? What are the lessons learned from implementations at renowned like DSM? An interesting seminar took place.

  14. 20 September 2016 Platform Architecture Workshop

    On 20 September Okta organized a Platform Architecture Workshop where Traxion was present to meet her contacts.

    During this workshop our partner Okta gave new ideas, inspiration and insights about how your organization could progress growth and innovation. This was a unique opportunity to learn how companies make use of Okta’s powerful identity solutions as foundation for their applications and portals.

    We experienced during this Platform how the process of authentication, management and security of end users can be simpified for your customers and partners. Guest speaker was Frank Keessen of Mazars.


  15. 10 december 2015 Roundtable Identity & Access: today and in the future?

    In collaboration with Heliview Traxion and Okta organised a successful Round Table in Mechelen, Belgium. This interactive knowledge session offered the unique opportunity to discuss about IAM challenges with peers within leading organizations in Belgium. Sharing knowledge and experience brought new insights and enabled participants to find innovative solutions. Topics were:

    • How to stay in control with IAM, also in the future?
    • Is it possible to reach a secure and at the same time user friendly environment?
    • How to support mobility and BYOD?
    • How to avoid shadow IT?


  16. 17 November 2015 Conference Cyber Security

    Traxion will be represented on the Heliview Conference “Cyber Security” as gold partner. Peter Rietveld will speech in one of the breakout sessions on Cyber War and the Balkanising of the Internet.

  17. 5 November 2015 IBD (Information Security Service) day

    Traxion will be represented at the first IBD-Practice day “Work IT Out” in Maarssen. Purpose of the day is to inspire and feed municipalities by means of sharing knowledge and experiences on information security level.

    Peter Rietveld will give a lecture on Wakening and Information Security.