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Cloud Identity Roundtable successful

Another successful event last week in Belgium: Traxion and Sailpoint were Thought leaders in a Roundtable about Cloud Identity.

Automation and control of access is more complex today than ever before. The current mix of applications and access scenarios make a custom made manually managed Identity & Access Governance (IAG) solution extremely complex, time-consuming and expensive.

Identity & Access Governance (IAG) solutions give organizations control over who has access to data and to which data. People often fail to realize or acknowledge that logic is required to achieve the structured management of information and systems. Identity management is the main solution for current security challenges, reducing the risks from undesirable access and providing compliance improvements but how do you establish this?

When completely cloud-based, should it be a cloud-based solution as well, or not? Is it possible to automate the compliancy processes? Security of Business growth, what does your company choose? Do you have to choose?

These and more questions were part of the Roundtable discussion, were all participants gained new insights and discovered new challenges and opportunities. Interested in taking part in our Roundtables? Contact us at