Safenet – CRYPTOCard is a leading and innovative manufacturer of authentication solutions. CRYPTOCard’s Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) solutions are offered as a server-based (Black Shield) , usimple and affordable Managed Authentication Service (CRYPTO-MAS) solution. Both solutions support the use of a wide array of CRYPTOCard Authentication possibilities.


Using CRYPTOCard 2FA protects access to networks, applications and even websites. These websites can be yours or of any of your relationships. By making use of a CRYPTOCard solutions security risks are reduced without compromising the user experience.

CRYPTOCARD solutions

Because not all environments and customer requirements are equal, authentication requirements will be different for each situation. CRYPTOCard has developed two solutions to deal with most of these situations.

  • Black Shield ID – A simple server-based solution for securing your network, servers, workstations or terminal servers;
  • CRYPTO-MAS – With CRYPTO-MAS Managed Authentication Service, one gets a SAAS solution in house;
  • In addition, these solutions can be extended with the most secure token solutions available, the CRYPTOCard tokens.

CRYPTOCard believes that all companies, despite their sector, size or technical knowledge should be able to protect their on-assets and the people with whom they maintain an on-line relationship. Whether you are a small business, large business or a service provider, CRYPTOCard has the solution for you.

Whatever solution is chosen, CRYPTOCard provides innovative solutions:

  • Less administration by automating tasks;
  • Mix and match from the widest choice of Token and Token Less solutions;
  • Ensure greater security and flexibility;
  • Optimization and simplification of the login of the user;
  • Real-time information and granular reporting within reach;
  • An excellent return on investment.

Traxion the implementation partner for CryptoCard in the Benelux.

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