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SAP SuccessFactors Connector

At Traxion, we believe that true business value is created through reuse of proven technology. A problem should be solved only once. There is no value in reinventing the wheel. Using such connector comes with multitude of benefits, including production readiness, as it has been running with multiple of our customers in their production environment.

Are you a security focused organization that is looking for a way to integrate SAP SuccessFactors with Microsoft Identity Manager?

Our SAP SuccessFactors connector is an easy, secure and standardized solution, that will enable you to import master data and synchronize this data with your application landscape.

Main benefits

Ready-to-use product
Immediately start adding business value using this product! Buy, configure and use. There is no need for missed deadlines.

High-quality software
Our products are built by an experienced (Scrum) team of software engineers, with focus on quality and security. We deliver high-quality products by using best practices for software engineering like peer reviewing, continuous integration and automated testing.

Well documented
Our products are shipped with outstanding documentation that takes you step by step through the installation and configuration process.

Easy to deploy
An installer that automates 90% of the deployment steps. No more human error susceptible copy-and-paste steps.

Great customer support
Do you have some specific use cases that require extra attention? No problem, our technical support experts are more than happy to help with any questions and challenges you might have.


  • Reading master data from SuccessFactors into your MIM solution (e.g. persons, employments, departments, companies, users). This can be configured selectively per object type and attribute.
  • Writing information you want back into SuccessFactors (e.g. user photo, username, e-mail addresses, phone numbers).
  • Automatic discovery of the data model definition (including standard and custom objects and attributes) provided by the SuccessFactor tenant.
  • The data model can be refreshed in the connector at any time without the need for manual configuration.
  • Logging integration with the Windows Event Viewer, with optional logging to files or email.
  • Integrated feedback of operations (success and failure) in MIM.
  • Capable of retrying failed exports.
  • Supported on Microsoft (Forefront) Identity Manager (4.1.3441 and up).
  • Installer that supports clean installations and patch management.
  • Running multiple connector instances (management agents) is possible.


A demo video will be provided shortly. Stay tuned!

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