Deploying an application landscape in today’s enterprises involves facilitating users to access resources locally, remotely over the corporate network and in the cloud. Provisioning and synchronizing accounts from a source system across this hybrid landscape is often done manually or by undocumented scripting, resulting in waiting times, usability issues and incomplete creation and removal of accounts. Traxion builds connectors which automate provisioning and support (user) data transfer across the landscape in a secure, reliable and scalable way.

Traxion IAM Modules

An overview of our modules

  • Traxion MFA Adapter

    Uplift your Access Control System to support Strong Authentication via SMS, Email or TOTP.

    Traxion MFA Adapter

  • SCIM Module

    Manage access to your business applications via the Cross-domain Identity Management standard.

    SCIM Module

  • Office 365 license module

    Integrate your Office 365 license management into your Identity & Access Management landscape.

    Office 365 license module

  • Office 365 Skype for Business online module

    Manage Skype for Business access & policies for your employees from within your Identity & Access Management landscape.

    Office 365 Skype for Business online module

  • Office 365 SharePoint online module

    Office 365 SharePoint online module

  • IBM Maximo module

    IBM Maximo module

  • SAP SuccessFactors module

    SAP SuccessFactors module

Maintenance Service

Your IT landscape is always evolving, therefore your interfaces need to adapt continuously. Our maintenance service keeps your IAM Modules up-to-date with the latest functionality and robust security controls.

The following is included in the service:

Incident handling

  • The customer is able to raise incidents to the supplier.
  • Customers will be informed what the expected day/time will be when the incident will be solved.
  • Customers will receive a pre-release to validate the incident is solved before implementing the patch in production.

Feature requests

  • The customer is able to raise feature requests which will be reviewed by the supplier. Based on analysis of expected value for other customers and effort for implementation those will be prioritized and included in the release planning of the software product.

Release Management

  • The customer will receive at maximum 2 minor releases per year, if any problems or incidents are addressed by the customer of detected by Traxion develpment services. A maximum of 1 major release update will be delivered per year which includes new feature requests as well.


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