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SCIM connector

Synchronizing data securely to your entire application landscape at once!

The SCIM connector or mangement agent is based on the SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) standard to manage the Identity & Access lifecycle to any application which supports SCIM.

The list of applications supporting the SCIM standard is growing and so is the need of a robust Identity management integrator for SCIM. This module provides an out of the box experience. It automatically extracts the applications’s schema and provides it to the Identity management system interface. For applications that do not support SCIM at the moment, Traxion provides a developer pack to facilitate the integration of SCIM as an additional layer to the application. The package contains a starting guide, a working sample SCIM-service and a SCIM test client simulating the behavior of an actual Identity management system.

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The main benefit for using standards like SCIM is that it does not require additional development in the Identity management system for connecting an application. This is because the application only needs to support the standard. The benefit from the application point of view is that adding support for the SCIM interface can be reused integrating with other organizations supporting the SCIM standard.

Supported Identity management systems

  • Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Services
  • Microsoft Identity Manager Synchronization Services

Supported standards

  • SCIM 2.0


  • Customizable and dynamic schema definable by service provider
  • RESTful API using JSON data structure
  • Support for Users, Groups and other objects
  • Full Import/Delta Import


  • Basic object management via SCIM standard and MIM ECMA2 functionality
    •  Retrieve all supported objects (i.e. User, Group)
    •  Create, update and delete all supported objects
  • Commonly used standard with support in more and more applications
  • Developer starting pack from Traxion included

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