May 01, 2020

Traxion and the Covid Policy

Dear relations,

Last week, drastic measures were taken by our governments to contain the corona virus. Traxion and its employees follow these measures and recommendations. The health of all of us is the number one priority for Traxion. Thanks to the technical options available for this and the flexibility of our clients and employees, our services continue for 100%.

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We respect the policy and the measures taken by our clients, which usually correspond with the policy of Traxion and the measures we take. Where necessary, we coordinate our way of working to arrive at a suitable solution.

In a general sense:

• Traxion employees almost all work from their home situation;
• All work can be done remotely;
• Our office in Belgium is closed and our office in the Netherlands is only available to a limited number of employees who are less able to work from home due to circumstances;
• If work has to take place at your location, this is only possible if the measures are observed and there is no increased health risk;

Our Service Desk is always available:

by phone at: +31 418 653 359 / +32 15 285 079
online via and

In this way we can continue our activities and support your organization and services as you are used to from us. This special situation requires adjustments and flexibility from all of us, but we are convinced that in good consultation and close cooperation we do not have to compromise on the continuity and the level of our services.

If you have any questions, need for coordination or if Traxion can make an extra contribution to the continuation or adjustment of your services as a result of this new situation, please contact your account manager.


Evert van den Branden
General Manager Traxion

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