The Swedish Nexus Group is an innovative and growing product company. We are passionate about developing a safe society. We help the world identify people and things safely to empower trusted businesses.


Nexus technology is now relied upon by many large organisations, primarily within vertical markets such as; public, military and defence, automotive, healthcare, education, energy and finance. Nexus is ISO 27001 certified and our development and delivery process is based on business agility and a strong security mentality.

A foundation of trust is transparency, which is why all our products are documented online:


PKI-based products and services

Our solutions are mostly based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology, which is proven to be the most cost-effective and secure way to implement security solutions for strong authentication, digital signatures and encryption.

Smart ID – Internet of Things (IoT)

Our unique and reliable IoT PKI platform is important to the industry in strengthening cyber security for cars, trains, ATMs, e-charging stations, telco base stations and others. The Nexus platform can manage thousands of certificates per second and also manage the lifecycle of certificate-based identities. Nexus is deeply involved in the development of emerging PKI protocols for communicating with both powerful and resource-constrained resources. Many of our partners benefit from our reliable PKI platform and secure multi-tenant approach, allowing them to manage all their end-clients independently from the same investment.

Smart ID – Corporate ID

The Nexus Smart ID solution enables the modern workforce to log into cloud applications, log into Windows, secure emails or access a physical environment through one trusted identity, independent of a smart card or mobile phone.

We are people friendly and a cornerstone is an automated and human resource driven process, as we want to strengthen information security while allowing employees to enter and exit smoothly with their identities.
Our Smart ID solution consists of three main blocks; credential management, access management and certificate management. For more information, please visit

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