Is your IT landscape protected against malicious people?

We live in a computerised world that has never before been so connected. In the past, people and data were confined within one building, whereas people and data today are just as likely to be outside the secure walls of the enterprise. How can the data be secured outside the company’s domain? Do you know what you should know?

 Is your IT landscape protected against malicious people?

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Penetration testing checks the security of an application by attacking it. A combination of open source information gathering, social engineering, application scanning and designer attacks is used to demonstrate any vulnerabilities in your application and organization. The purpose is to make recommendations about what is needed to improve the security of your application and to increase security awareness.

Take action, contact Traxion and increase your situational awareness and protect your own IT environment. Your access layer is the most critical part of your infrastructure. Thorough testing on known and unknown security vulnerabilities must be part of your dev/ops and daily operations. Our testers have a deep understanding of underlying technology. Traxion is specialized in application layers, where most information is gathered and cyberattacks occur most frequently.

Penetration testing

Penetration testing is the answer to certain questions that you must ask about your infrastructure. These questions include:

  • What can an individual do on reaching my infrastructure?
  • Where are the most important vulnerabilities in my applications?
  • What can an individual do who wants to misuse my IT resources?
  • Where are the risks in my IT landscape?
  • How serious is a specific problem of a product in my system?
  • Can I have the system fixed or does it need to be replaced?

Code and design analyse

Code and Design Analysis encompasses checking applications while they are being built. It is an extra check to determine whether the existing applications you have and/or will have built are secure. This Traxion service detects security issues and recommends how to remedy them. This advice lets you solve the problems discovered during the development phase or application life cycle.


Penetration tests mainly focus on the perimeter of an organization its IT landscape; the inside of the systems where your valuable information assets reside can only be inspected from the inside out. The use of product specific baselines is therefore the only method to scale-up the entire configuration of your security. Baselines describe hundreds and sometimes thousands configurations of an operating system or an application. Verification is at times can be done manually, fortunately automated tools have now been developed.

Penetration testing for your organization?

Penetration testing for your organization?

Traxion offers a complete portfolio in Security Quality Control. Security Quality Control encompasses everything related to the testing and prevention of security leaks. Would you like to know more about penetration testing?

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