DNB Assessment

DNB Assessment

Does your organization perform a DNB assessment? Organizations that fall under the supervision of DNB (De Nederlandsche Bank) are asked periodically for a measurement of their maturity in the field of information security.

DNB Assessment

DNB Self-assessment

DNB has developed a self-assessment for this, which must be carried out by the organization. The assessment must assign a maturity level to the design, existence and operation of information security control measures. In support of this, DNB has published the Good Information Security Practice, in which they provide guidance for the design and assessment of control measures.

Traxion can support you with the realization of the assessment. Your organization can be fully relieved during the execution and preparation of the assessment, or Traxion (as an independent, external party) can test the assessment you have performed. The support is provided by certified consultants with experience in the financial sector. In addition to performing the assessment, or testing it, they also provide clear advice if improvements are possible.

Our approach

An assessment at Traxion always starts with an intake. In this clear agreements are made about the required information and planning. An experienced consultant will discuss the topics with you and which officials should be involved.

The subjects from the DNB assessment list will be discussed during the interviews. Where necessary, supporting evidence is requested.

An estimate of maturity will be made based on the material obtained. Thereby, where necessary, advice is given for improvement.


Visible results

The advice will initially relate to the requirements from the DNB assessment. In addition, advice can also be given on additional issues that emerged in the investigation. This always looks at the trinity of people, process and technology (people, process, technology) at the strategic, tactical and operational levels.

You can use the report for reporting to DNB. Of course the final results are discussed with you so that you know where you stand. Thanks to the clear findings and explanations, you are also able to grow to the next level of maturity.

Your investment

Your organization makes employees available that can be interviewed and, if necessary, can provide documentation that substantiate the design, existence and / or operation of control measures.

Additional questions may arise when assessing the evidence. These are handled either by telephone or by e-mail.

More information?

More information?

Your success is paramount at Traxion: therefore we select the consultants who have the best match with your organization. With the results of the DNB assessment of Traxion you have the best result in your hands and you can grow to the next maturity level. Want to know more? Our Security specialists will be happy to contact you.

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