Certificate Management

Certificate Management

Become and stay in control on the trust, name and crypto of your applications and environments.

Certificate Management

Keys and Certificates

Certificates are the backbone of the trust layer in your applications and environments. Management and monitoring of these certificates and keys are mandatory.

Request, approval, fulfilment and rollover of certificates and keys gives you the required continuity.

Domain names

Management, discovery and monitoring of your domain names will ensure you are in control of your published applications.

Providing Domain Name life cycle management services, including discovery and monitoring, in combination with Key and Certificate management will decrease the risk of misuse and discontinuity.

Your application secure

A pentest and vulnerability test provides a photo of the current status. Changes in the application or infrastructure can introduce new vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Continuous security testing provides you a continuous level of risk mitigation.

Certificate Monitoring & Management for your organisation?

Certificate Monitoring & Management for your organisation?

Traxion design, develops, implements and manages Certificate Monitoring & Management in conjunction with its customers governance, policies and capabilities. If you want to know more about this services and its possibilities, please contact us.

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