Access Management

Access Management

Controlling access to systems, applications and information plays a major role in the security of our digital services and life. Because of the large amount of people and things that need access and the ever increasing access gain, control of this access becomes more important.

Access Management

Risks are increasing and are constantly changing. How do you respond to that? Which measures must be taken? and with what then?

Traxion can help you as an independent partner to realize future-proof solutions, both for Access Control, Multi Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On solutions.

Integral design and layout

Every access management solution is designed integrally and thus optimally matches your business requirements and wishes.

Integral about your organisation and governance, taking into account your compliance requirements, information provisions, business processes and available technology options.

Flexible and quickly implemented

Requirements change. Responding flexibly to these changes is a must have capability of an implementation or management organisation. Traxion works agile and focuses on a DevOps device. This ensures direct focus and collaboration. Both on development and management activities. Traxion DevOps is therefore able to realise changes quickly and easily.

Modern, simple and standard based

By working with modern technologies that are based on standards, solutions become interchangeable and integrable. This makes it possible for the user to achieve simple and uniform authentication, authorization and administration solutions.

Organisation and responsibilities

An access management solution often brings a change. In business processes, way of working or responsibility. In addition to technology implementation, your organisation must also change.

An Access Management solution for your organization?

An Access Management solution for your organization?

Looking for a new solution? Transition from your existing environment to a new technology stack? The structure of your AM management organization? Please contact one of the Traxion account managers.

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My experiences with Traxion summarized: a lot of knowledge, a lot of flexibility and a lot of enthusiasm. During the project, we also received sufficient attention from account management and we continuously thought about how Traxion could help us further.

Tim Danner - Projectmanager I Eneco
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