RBAC: Role mining and Role management

RBAC: Role mining and Role management

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) provides access based on assigned rights. Associating particular rights to particular roles makes it possible to see what access people within the organisation have and why they have it. We support organisations in all aspects of RBAC and ensure that the entire process is controlled.

RBAC: Role mining and Role management

Benefits RBAC

RBAC ensures that managers can request rights for their employees in a straightforward manner and that auditors can see the consequences at a glance. The link to IT and actual business operations makes the organisation of rights management more flexible, efficient, effective and safer.

Choice for RBAC?

Although it may seem obvious to opt for RBAC, there is a lot involved. What is the impact of this choice? Where do you need to start? Does RBAC fit in your organisation? Or is there another choice? How should the roles model be set up? Should it be based on job function and business structure (top-down) or current employee IT rights (bottom-up)? And once the model is in place, how is it then maintained?

Traxion has the answers to all these questions and many more.

Our services include

  • Translation of the requirements and desires of the organisation and assisting in the decision-making process regarding transitioning to an RBAC implementation.
  • Drawing up a roadmap leading to the desired outcome.
  • Support in configuring the roles model and for deciding which tools to use.
  • Setting up a management organisation for maintenance of the roles model and keeping it up to date.
  • Maintenance, in particular when upgrades or modifications to the solution are desired.
  • Support for all other questions arising during setting up and managing the RBAC solution.
RBAC for your organization?

RBAC for your organization?

RBAC is a straightforward concept with clear advantages, yet it is not simple to implement. Because of our extensive experience in access control, design and configuration we are able to support organisations in all aspects of RBAC. If you have questions about our RBAC approach, feel free to contact Traxion.

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The people at Traxion we work with are without exception good at their job. They are young enthusiastic professionals with a high level of knowledge. They can not only answer all our questions, but also provide a good substantiation of their advice. That gives a lot of confidence in our partnership with Traxion.

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