Henk Pelk
Henk Pelk
November 24, 2022

Traxion and XM Cyber Announce Strategic Partnership.

Waardenburg, The Netherlands and Herzliya, Israel, Nov.  24 2022 –  Two of the leading IT security firms in secure managed services and analysis, detection, and prevention of cyberattacks, Traxion and XM Cyber, have announced a new partnership, will help their customers further reduce exposures to cyber risks.

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With XM Cyber technology, organizations are able to gain a much deeper visibility into vulnerabilities and changes across on-prem, SaaS, and cloud networks. Security vulnerabilities that would normally take many steps to discover are discovered instantaneously due to continuous and automated protection. Tests and scenarios can be run indefinitely with no risk of disruption due to XM Cyber’s ability to simulate in production.

“With Attack Path Management services from Traxion, we enable clients to predict attack path scenarios in advance, in order to mitigate risks in client’s environments,” said Evert van den Branden, CEO of Traxion, part of Swiss IT Security Group (SITS Group). “In addition, with ongoing 24/7 support for detection and remediation of high risk vulnerabilities, our Managed APM offers a high level of protection and increase of ROI on our client’s security spend.”

“XM Cyber is excited to expand our partnership with Swiss IT Security Group through Traxion. As we continue our growth plans into Benelux, it’s important that we work with established Partners who have a long-term track record in IT Security and Traxion is an ideal fit for us,“ said Mark Simmons, Sales Director GSI, XM Cyber. “Combining XM Cyber’s Attack Path Management Platform with Traxion’s technical expertise and managed services capabilities creates a compelling collaboration which will allow us to jointly grow our business in the region.”

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