Attack Path Management

Attack Path Management

With Attack Path Management services from Traxion, you can continuously see your hybrid network through the eyes of an attacker and simulate possible attacks before they really happen.

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Attack Path Management

Reduce your risk of exposure across your cloud, SaaS and on-prem networks. Cut off attack paths and eradicate risk with a fraction of the effort.

XM Cyber Attack Simulation

Supported by XM Cyber – the platform for breach and attack simulation – we model your IT infrastructure and continuously check whether and how an invader could reach your critical resources once he has compromised one of your systems. At a glance, we identify relevant attack paths, and we will tell you exactly where to take action in order to prevent attacks.



Automated Breach & Attack Simulation

  • Real-time security posture and threat assessment
  • No manpower required
  • Proactive security through early detection


Ideal for embedding into your overall security management

  • Easy integration into hybrid infrastructures
  • Can be used in combination with third-party components for endpoint security, SOAR, ticketing and vulnerability management
  • Raises the security level by taking into account different components and dependencies


Comprehensive analysis of your IT landscape

  • Without any impact on availability
  • Always up to date and on point
  • Clear presentation of real risks


Guidelines for fixing vulnerabilities

  • Prioritizing identified vulnerabilities using different criticality criteria
  • Helps you to quickly and easily improve the security posture of your IT infrastructure
  • Provides you with a roadmap for advanced measures.




Traxion offers tailored service packages for XM Cyber. Our experts will not only help you find the perfect solution. We will also implement the system for you, operate it for you if desired, and make sure you get the best value out of it.

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