Offensive Security Services

Offensive Security Services

Digital vandals and activists, organized crime or malicious (ex-) employees: the type of cyber attackers and the way in which your organization can be attacked are constantly evolving.

Offensive Security Services

A Proactive Approach

New vulnerabilities are discovered and attack methods are devised daily to gain access to your information systems. This makes it critical that your organisation takes a proactive approach. Technology, process and people must be continuously tested and improved to be stronger against cyber attacks, both preventively and responsively. After all, it is not a question of whether you are hacked, but when you are and have been hacked.

The Traxion Offensive Services team helps your organisation by uncovering hidden vulnerabilities and exploits in your IT landscape, personnel and facilities. Your organisation will become more adept at detecting possible vulnerabilities and attacks, you will have the opportunity to close holes and your employees will gain a safe experience in extinguishing a digital fire.

Vulnerability management

Efficiently identifying, prioritizing and remedying vulnerabilities in your IT landscape is a complex and time-consuming task. Infrastructure and applications consist of different types of components such as systems, databases, load balancers or middleware. All these building blocks are subject to aging software and depend on a secure configuration.

The Traxion Offensive Services team can relieve vulnerability management for your organization by performing these tasks through our risk-based approach. We can work with the existing vulnerability scanners of your organization or we can implement and maintain a vulnerability scanner for you.

With a well-adjusted vulnerability scanner, your IT components can be continuously monitored for up-to-date software and a secure configuration. Our specialists validate and prioritize potential vulnerabilities so that your IT organization can effectively secure applications and infrastructure.

Security Awareness

Our Awareness as a Service (BaaS) service focuses on the security awareness of your employees. Let employees be the BaaS in your organization as the strongest link in your information security.

In the awareness campaigns of BaaS, various interactive, unexpected, creative and high-profile activities are deployed. For example, our mystery guest can pay a surprise visit to your organization to measure the extent to which unauthorized access is possible. It is also possible to distribute USB sticks around and in your office to see if your employees do not use them but hand them in at your security office.

With the right level of security awareness, your colleagues have the right attitude, the required knowledge and the practical skills to be a strong link in your information security.

The attackers point of view

Traxion Offensive Services offers various services that are built from the attacker’s point of view.




Our pentesting services will discover and exploit vulnerabilities in your workplace, (web or mobile) applications, industrial network or Internet of Things infrastructure. Our security specialists investigate the practical feasibility of the attack so that you can prioritize the vulnerabilities and exploits found.

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Breach & Attack Simulation

With our automated simulation of attacks, our Breach & Attack Simulation services continuously test possible vulnerabilities in your infrastructure. Among other things, next-gen firewalls, e-mail gateways, proxies or DLP and CASB solutions are put to the test.

This gives you insight into the security measures that can be circumvented by hackers when gaining access to your crown jewels.

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