(C)ISO as a Service

(C)ISO as a Service

For flexible control information security

Information security, nowadays increasingly referred to as cyber security, is an indispensable part of organizations. Organizations today want and must have sufficient knowledge, capacity and organizational structure to meet the wide range of challenges. Only a well-considered use of information security minimizes the risks without hindering business.

(C)ISO as a Service

Experienced CISO’s

The deployment of experienced CISOs (Corporate or Chief Information Security Officer) and ISOs (Information of IT Security Officer) who are able to speak the language of the parties involved is the basis for a thorough approach to information security. These officers support these parties, such as internal stakeholders or external suppliers, in the realisation of a resilient organisation.

There is great market pressure on experienced CISOs and ISOs: the body of knowledge is both wide and deep, therefore finding a (C)ISO with the needed skillset is a rarity. In addition, the field develops quickly, so that the specialists must continue to develop.

Traxion has the answer to this reality with our (C)ISO as a Service service. Our CISOs and ISOs are deployed flexibly according to your needs. We provide the specialist that your organisation needs. A professional with substantive expertise as well as ability to realise change to a resilient organisation.

When do you turn on Traxion?

  • Your organization is not large enough to have its own permanent CISO or ISO full-time.
  • Your organization needs support to grow towards higher digital resilience.
  • In practice, the time of your current CISO or ISO is mainly spent on extinguishing fires.
  • Your organization needs support on a specific topic.


The CISO works on a strategic and tactical level. This means that this officer has insight and overview of the digital resilience of the organisation. This makes him / her the counter part of cyber security for management or the board.

By maintaining a security program and the creation of policies, the CISO can realise and safeguard the implementation of cyber security. In doing so, the CISO functions as a client or consultant for projects, or as an inspector on the implementing organisation.


The ISO can operate at different levels. On a tactical level, the ISO can act and advise as a subject matter expert. Our ISOs take the decentralised responsibility of the implementation of the overarching security policies.

From an operational perspective, the ISO can cooperate in setting up security monitoring or organising an awareness program, for example.

In daily work, the ISO has frequent contact with the CISO.

Ciso as a Service offers you the following benefits

With (C)ISO as a Service, Traxion guarantees you of a specialist who can be deployed flexibly on the basis of an SLA (Service Level Agreement). Traxion’s CISOs and ISOs are part of a pool of colleagues who exchange knowledge about the field. In addition to knowledge and competence, our experts have self-developed methodologies and templates. These are based on industry standards and best practices.

  • The CISO or ISO is immediately deployable and immediately possesses the right knowledge and skills of proven methods and standards.
  • This person has access to specialist knowledge through the wide portfolio of Traxion.
  • The CISO and ISO makes information security transparent, (understandable) – also for non-specialists – and thus manageable.
  • Traxion provides replacement in the event of illness, leave or departure.
  • The scalability of this function is guaranteed by the underlying organization.

Our flyer tells you more about CISO as a Service.

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