Security Advisory

Security Advisory

Traxion’s Security Advisory dedicates itself to the vision that both users and information are central to today’s security.

Security Advisory


Organizations interact with many parties, not in the least their internal user groups: they provide services to users, cooperate with users, provide access to information to users, while users manage their systems and users also collaborate with other users.

The information a user needs or produces is equally pivotal. It is not about data. It is about data in context. Bringing context to data adds value for the user, converting it into information. Being able to manage and control the wealth of information in today’s technological landscape is a challenge.

An issue of security needs to be addressed

A host of widely different solutions exist, selecting the best fitting one is therefore challenging to many organizations. In the view of Traxion, such a predicament mostly stems from the fact that organizations traditionally only looked at the perimeter, as in the Jericho security model. Raising a proverbial wall for organizations to feel safe behind has triggered a mentality of letting your guard down.

Security is no longer primarily about firewalls, IPS, and other archaic perimeter chokepoints. More than ever, it revolves around protecting the information and selectively allowing access to information from users and systems. The current security reality demands a top-down directive approach. Such an approach in organizations offers gains by illuminating which data matter in what context, specified by user.

Future-oriented organizations are those that think about the future of access. Security policies should be informed by the business. Translating the policy into IT and IT management follows that business logic. Following that, solutions are brought to bear. At the end of this sequence, network security measures have a place.

Information security is complex

Information security is complex and its challenges are growing. The hyper-connected world presents unprecedented opportunities of nonstop connectivity blurring boundaries between live and work, while successful monitoring and management of information seems elusive yet within reach. Taking control of governance solutions meets these challenge to create a secure and permanent future focus.

Traxion’s Security Advisory offers guidance on the path to answer this forward-looking reality.

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