Identity Analytics

Identity Analytics

A proper application of Identity & Access Management within an organisation is much more than just having the appropriate tool and correct configuration of an IAM organisation and governance model.

Identity Analytics

IAM is dependent on the information that is the foundation of the processes, systems and transactions with this context. If the information is incorrect the results will never be right, even if everything is optimally configured. This is the well-known GIGO effect: “Garbage in, garbage out”.

IAM Required information

The information required by IAM to function properly includes:

  • The available identity information within the various source systems.
  • The organisational layout of the company and location of the identities within it.
  • The rules determining which automatic actions arise from this information.
  • The access rights for employees and identities.

Traxion Identity Analytics

The quality of this information is not always clear, yet it is essential. The objective of Identity Analytics is to perform a thorough analysis of the available information to determine which actions must be carried out to ensure that this data is ‘correct’. The analysis not only examines whether the information in itself is correct and timely, but also whether the enveloping processes are efficient, effective and secure. If you want to attain the maximum possible from your IAM system, then you are completely dependent on this information and the processes.


The analysis is carried out by our experienced consultants. These consultants know exactly where the key challenges are located and know to drill down to the key issues through targeted questions. A fast scan is the basis for clearly determining the quality of the information used and also determining what steps must be taken to improve quality.

Identity Analytics for your organisation?

Identity Analytics for your organisation?

Do you have any doubts about the quality of the data that is the lifeline for your Identity & Access Management or if you would like to know more about our Identity Analytics? Feel free to contact Traxion.

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